Getting Help in Developing Programs

The Department of Community and Culture and the agencies participating in the Cultural Heritage Council (CHC) offer a variety of resources. If you have questions about any of the below items, or have additional questions please contact us.

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  • The Community/State Partnership Program offers regional training throughout the year through a program called The Art of the Nonprofit. These training workshops are on topics and issues of nonprofit organizations such as fundraising, grant writing, board development, volunteer development, strategic planning, board retreats, financial accountability, marketing and cultural assessment/cultural tourism.
  • Three handbooks are offered online to assist you in your nonprofit organizational development. These handbooks include The Art of Forming a Nonprofit: a handbook that will take you through the steps of becoming incorporated with the state and becoming a 501c3 with the IRS; The Art of Board Development: a handbook that answers many questions about your nonprofit board and how important good board development is to the sustainability of your nonprofit organization; and The Art of Volunteer Development: a basic handbook on preparing for volunteers, recruiting and retaining volunteers and other volunteer related issues.
  • If you would like to see examples of publications and recordings that feature Utah's traditional arts, communities and culture, please visit the Folk Arts Program Store.
  • The Folk Arts Program can give you advice about identifying the folk arts, traditions and customs that are part of your community. Specifically they can provide information about conducting a cultural inventory of local resources to identify both locally made heritage products and the sites, events and activities that already take place in your community which may be of interest to visitors. Talk with them about the benefits of developing local cultural and heritage resources and making them accessible to visitors.


  • Utah History to Go - A site exploring Utah's unique past with essays on Utah History, ethnic groups in Utah, biographies of people of note and governors of Utah, and eight chapters of different time periods as well as the Salt Lake Tribune's history series.
  • Research & Collections - A guide to the division's rich research collections relating to all aspects of Utah's social and cultural history from the 1840s to the present. Contains an online catalog, bibliographies and guides, databases, registers and inventories, holdings lists, and indexes, including an index to Historical Society publications.
  • This is the home page for the Utah State Historic Preservation Office. It includes instructions for researching historic buildings, information about tax credits and restoration contractors, procedures for nominating historic sites to the historical register, guidelines for establishing local historic preservation organizations, and links to local, state, and national preservation organizations.
  • Under Utah state law, the Antiquities Section promotes research, administers archaeological site records, issues permits for archaeological work, and administers a public outreach and education program designed to educate the general public about Utah's archaeological resources.


  • PIONEER: Utah's Online Library provides copyrighted informational databases and organized links to high quality free Internet sites to public libraries and state agencies. PIONEER makes even the smallest library a gateway to the best the Internet has to offer. The State Library hosts the public library gateway, and federal funds support the public library database licenses.
  • Utah on the Web features websites unique to Utah on topics of interest: business, digital collections, education, government, history & geography, law, media, public, state & academic libraries, recreation/travel, rural Utah, sports, state symbols, Utah counties, and Utah kids.
  • Utah Digital Collections provides access to historic Utah materials and special Western Americana collections (atlas,maps, surveys; photographs, overland journeys, river expeditions, manuscripts, diaries; literature; newspapers, journals; oral histories)

Main Street

  • The Pioneer Communities/Main Street Program provides hands-on assistance to help your community address the broad range of issues that affect downtown?s physical and economic health, including: enhancing the value of downtown real estate, improving downtown?s overall appearance, promoting downtown in an increasingly competitive environment, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for business growth.


  • The Utah Office of Museum Serices promotes utah museums and the essential role they play in our state as sources of community pride, centers of public education, and institutions which encourage economic development and tourism. The Office assists Utah museums in improving their ability to care for and manage collections, develop quality educational resources, provide access to collections for reasearch, and identify and successfully compete for financial resources.


  • Tourism Stats
    What sort of visitor comes to Utah? Where do they come from? What do they spend? "Utah Tourism At A Glance" answers the most-asked questions about Utah?s tourism industry. This is a great site for school kids and others looking for fast facts.
  • Travel Resources Database
    The Utah Travel Council has announced the launch of the new online Utah! Travel Resources Database for businesses and organizations involved in travel and tourism in Utah.