Examples of Sites and Events

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Examples by Geographic Area

  • Bear River Heritage Area straddles the Idaho-Utah border where the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountains meet. Several pioneer trails, including the Oregon Trail, pass through the area. It is the ancestral home of the Northwest Band of Shoshone, who still live here. The fur trade made its mark as trappers roamed the mountains and valleys of the area in the early 1800s. Mormon settlers colonized the region in the 1850s and 1860s. Now the area is home to many ethnic groups, a strong agricultural economy, a history-laced landscape, and natural beauty everywhere you turn.
  • Scenic/Historic Drives
    Take an auto tour on Utah's historic and scenic roads. Utah has 26 designated Scenic Byways, known for their outstanding historic, archaeological and scenic values. View maps, photos and road descriptions.
  • Utah's public buildings are filled with art that you can enjoy in person, or virtually, by checking out the Utah Public Art Map.

Examples by Topic of Interest

  • Explore the State Folk Arts Collection, virtually or in person, and learn about Utah's contemporary Native American, rural, occupational and ethnic communities through their traditional arts which are displayed in the galleries of the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts.
  • Archaeology in Utah - Archaeological studies have determined people have lived in Utah for 11,000 years.  As archaeological sites contain important scientific information on the lives of Utah's first peoples, archaeologists work to understand, protect and preserve Utah's vast outdoor museum.
  • With the understanding that a healthy, vibrant community builds its future on its past, the Pioneer Communities/Main Street Program works with communities throughout Utah to restore the physical and economic vitality of their historic business districts.

Examples by Event

  • Current Events
    The Utah Travel Council updates a statewide Utah Events Calendar each week. Listed, in calendar order, are hundreds of cultural and historical events, festivals, seasonal festivities and more.
  • More Current Events
    More information if you are looking for events for a specific date, location or theme.
  • Do you have an event? Want a listing in the Utah Event Calendar the Utah Travel Council puts out? Submit it online at http://www.utah.com/events/submit.htm. Submissions via website receive priority over email or phone submissions.
  • New Happenings
    Find out the latest information on Utah's heritage, culture and tourism activities. Designed for up-to-the-minute information for media, this site is a great resource for tourists as well.
  • Experience Utah's largest multi-cultural festival by attending Living Traditions: A Celebration of Salt Lake's Folk & Ethnic Arts presented every May since 1986.  The festival offers free craft demonstrations and performances of music and dance as well as inexpensive ethnic food sold by local ethnic groups to support their ongoing arts programs.
  • Learn about the many cultural communities who live in Utah at Mondays in the Park, a free concert series held during July and August that features performances by the best community-based folk and ethnic artists from around the state.